Several Features Your New Essential Oil Case Should Have

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If you have decided to buy a new essential oil case, there are several features that any case you are looking at should have.

Large enough for all your oils -- When you start to look for an essential oil case, be sure you know how many bottles of oil you currently own and how many more you are likely to buy. Once you have an accurate number, you can then look for an essential oil case that can hold at least that number of bottles.

Washable -- Essential oil bottles will occasionally come open and spill the contents all over your case, or a cap will not be secured tightly and an oil may drip.

This is why it is so important to be sure that every essential oil case you buy is completely washable, so that you can either throw it in the washing machine every time it gets stained or wash it in the sink.

Has a strong zipper -- A good sturdy zipper is very important as, if you are going to use your essential oil case to travel with, chances are you will be opening and closing it all the time.

A flimsy zipper will eventually stop working or split, which is why you should only buy a case that has an industrial strength style zipper so it will work for the thousands of times you may open your case.

Look for something pretty -- As any essential oil case you buy is likely to be something you use often, do be sure it also looks nice.

You do not want to spend time looking for something that is hard-wearing and functional only to realize when you get it home that you really hate the way the case looks.

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